Zombies Are Human Box Set (Books 0 - 3)

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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jamie Thornton.

A thrilling science fiction series...

...Once upon a time a plague ended the world.

Four tough, young women. A zombie apocalypse (or two) with a serious twist.

When a new virus unleashes violence that devastates eighteen-year-old Corrina's neighborhood, all Corrina can think about is surviving. But when the boy she loves is kidnapped by a group of government soldiers, she must team up with a strange group of street kids to save him.

You'll love this terrifying sci-fi plague apocalypse, because the best ones have twists you never see coming.

The omnibus edition includes all FOUR books in the Zombies Are Human series from New York Times bestselling author Jamie Thornton.

Nearly 30 hours of thrills and apocalyptic science fiction.

***Grab the complete box set and save big compared to buying individually***


Q - What makes the Zombies Are Human series special? 

An epidemic ravaging the human population. A world spiraling into chaos. People doing whatever it takes to survive. I've always been drawn to the post-apocalyptic genre and wrote Zombies Are Human with all of the end-of-the-world books I've loved in mind. Big epidemics and events that reinvent the world are so thrilling. I also love getting into some of the science, like the genetic engineering, that would make the situations plausible.

Zombies Are Human gives you some of that classic Walking Dead zombie fare, but...without giving too much away...I guarantee you've never read a zombie series like this before.

Smart. Dangerous. Gritty. With rip-your-heart-out intensity (literally and figuratively in some cases). Get it now.

Zombies Are Human Box Set (Books 0 - 3)
Full Series (4 Books) - $59.99
  • Full Series (4 Books) - $59.99

Zombies Are Human Box Set (Books 0 - 3)

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